One of the great components of CrossFit is the friendly competition with your buddies, coupled with the desire to not be left behind. It’s part of CrossFit’s strange allure – by default, you push yourself.

But not everyone wants to compete. We have so many other goals…. to lose some pounds, burn fat, play another sport, or simply walk up and down the stairs without getting winded. And the truth is we all want to make only one trip from the car with the groceries.

We really want you to keep your personal, unique goals in mind as you pick your daily workout at Saltwater Athletics.

RX – This stands for “prescription,” meaning we’re doing this workout “as written.” Remember CrossFit is a sport and these are the weights and movements you should be able to move if you want to be competitive in the sport of fitness – CrossFit. You do not always need to do RX, but this is something you want to work toward if you want to compete down the line…. Also it is VERY important to remember that people TRAIN for weeks and months before competition. Meaning, you should not be going 110% every day…you will only wear your body down.

Train – These weights and movements are ideal for the general population. This should challenge you, make you a bit uncomfortable and after the workout ideally, while you lay on the floor, you say “ugh, that sucked. I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Some days this may leave you wanting a bit more, and some days it may feel like too much, but should usually feel just right.

Sweat – This is just to get you moving, burn fat and feel accomplished. These workouts are written as high intensity WODs with somewhat lighter loads. This should definitely be challenging and push your limits, but you should be able hustle during the workout and move that booty!