At Saltwater Athletics: CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, you have access to experienced and dedicated coaches with personal training every time you step in the door. You will also recieve accountability, motivation, daily programing and more.

Yes, we know a standard gym is much cheaper, but please understand that is only an access fee. Our pricing includes access as well as personal training/coaching, daily programing and more. Basic nutritional and supplement consultation is also available to our members. 



General Information On the Cost

A standard gym’s membership provides an access fee only. At Saltwater, your membership pays for daily personal training and coaching, programing, nutritional consultation and accountability. Our data driven, evidence-based fitness approach is proven to provide better results than an access fee at your standard gym.

Note: We do offer a sliding scale if you meet specific criteria. Inquire with our gym manager. We also offer a 2 week free trial for Atlantic and Cape May County Residents.


Want to drop in? Head to our “Classes and Schedule” page for details.

What You Need to Know About Saltwater Athletics

CrossFit Training

Please show up about 10min. prior to our scheduled CrossFit sessions (make sure you have reserved your spot prior through the app). We begin promptly with a brief explanation of the workout for the day, followed by a warm-up and stretch.

SugarWod/Zen Planner

Saltwater Athletics uses the SugarWod and Zen Planner app that connects you to our community. The App lets you see the workouts for the day and connects you with your friends. You will also use this app to reserve your spot and sign into your session.

Open Gym & 24hr access

Open Gym is encouarged throughout the day. We can also accomodate up to 6 folks doing Open Gym while there is a class. PLEASE speak with the coach before you start working out. We have a 1000 sq foot space dedicated to Open Gym AND 24/7 access!!

Daily Programing

Saltwater Athletics uses some of the most well-rounded Strength and Conditioning programing available, CompTrain. We have sought out resources from some of the best in the business.


Saltwater Athletics was built to support Surfside, an NJ 501c3 Nonprofit. Our space is designed to further Surfside’s vision. Through the Surfside Recovery Services organization we can accept donations and fundraising efforts. If you know someone who is interested in a membership but needs some financial flexibility, please send them our way. They may qualify for a sliding scale.

Our Space

Saltwater Athletics is a modest 5000+ sqFt space. You will find everyhing you need for functional fitness. Kettle bells, Concept 2 rowers, bikes, a pull up structure and more. Please note that our facility has a men’s and women’s shower. We also have a humble little kids space with white board and iPad loaded with Disney+.

Get Started

It’s never too late to join the party! What are you waiting for? Send us an email and we will be in touch within 12hours! Hope to see you on the dance floor.