When you hear the word CrossFit, a few things might come to mind, right? Maybe you picture a bunch of people doing air squats, talking only about CrossFit. Or perhaps you imagine super jacked men and women swinging around on gymnastics rings. Or quite honestly, you see a group of people that you want nothing to do with… because all they do is talk about CrossFit. Well, some of that may be true. But the reality is… most people talk themselves out of trying constantly varied, functional movements executed at a high intensity (aka. CrossFit) because they just can’t see themselves surviving the workout. Well, the good news is, if you have never tried CrossFit, or have no real workout experience at all, you are absolutely capable of surviving these workouts. In fact, you might even have an advantage. Let’s break down some of the reason CrossFit for beginners may be beneficial for you as your start out on your journey to improve your physical and mental health.

  1. CrossFit Workouts Can Be Easily Scaled and Modified

Let’s say you walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time, and you notice that the workout includes running a mile, 10 reps of deadlifts at 185 pounds, and 7 pull-ups. If you have no workout experience at all, it will take you about twenty seconds to turn right around, head to your car, and convince yourself that this “just isn’t for me.”

Well, you’re partially right. No one is expecting you to be able to come in with no experience and perform well in that workout, let alone survive that workout. But in CrossFit, no workout is set in stone. Each movement can be scaled down appropriately or modified to meet you where you are comfortable. So, what does this mean?

Instead, we would have you perform something like this: 500 meters on the C2 Bike, 10 reps of deadlift at 75 pounds (or just the bar if needed), and 10 ring rows. If that is too much, we can scale it down even more. You will still experience a kick-ass workout, but in a safe manner in which you can focus on technique and building your engine.

2. Building Solid Technique with a Clean Slate

Many athletes who walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time come in with some workout experience. Specifically, they have gone to the gym, ripped some bicep curls, bench press, and maybe some back squats, and call it a day. Coming from this background, individuals may perceive that they “know how to lift already,” and wind up being resistant to coaching. This is not always the case, but we have seen it before.

Remember how we mentioned that you might have an advantage as a new CrossFit athlete? Well, if you have no prior workout experience, you are walking into a CrossFit gym with a clean slate. There are no bad habits or muscle memory flaws to correct. You have the opportunity to start from scratch as a high quality coach helps you build proper technique and set you up for long-term success and health.

3. A 100% Judgment-Free Zone

A MASSIVE barrier for anyone walking into a gym, CrossFit or not, is that inherent fear of being judged. It can be intimidating walking in for the first time and seeing a bunch of “fit” people in cut-off sleeves lifting weights. If you are just starting out in your fitness journey, perhaps you suffer from low self-esteem or poor body image (don’t worry… we have all been there!), and the thought of being around a bunch of in-shape people scares you a bit.

Well, here’s the good news about CrossFit. First off, nobody is paying any attention to you while you work out. At a regular gym, in between sets of biceps curls, it is common for the eyes to wander and check out the scenery. In the midst of a CrossFit workout, there is NO time to check out the guys and gals in the room. Everyone will be so focused on pushing through/surviving the workout, they won’t have a second to watch what you are doing. The only eyes that will be on you will be the coach, who is there to provide you feedback and support!

Finally, and most importantly, everyone in a CrossFit gym started off as a newcomer. No one walked in here with an ability to perform every workout, or even finish every workout. Each athlete in your gym will know exactly what it’s like to walk in for the first time, and will be excited to make you feel comfortable and supported!