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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

What kind of workouts do we offer?

CrossFit is “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement.” Intensity is relative to each individual and their ability. As each member learns and grows more, the intensity continues to increase. Intensity gives results!

What do I get for the cost?

The cost of membership includes coaching each and every day, constantly varied programing so you never get bored, nutritional coaching, accountability, motivation and a fantastic community

Can I do it with previous injuries?

YES! Every workout is scaleable to each persons individual limits. We have lots of members with different injuries. Everyone is welcome. Let your coach know about your injury before our class gets started so they can work to modify movements, gauge your mobility/pain and support you throughout the workout.

Do I need to be in shape before I start?

Not at all! The reason people come to CrossFit varies…some it is to get in shape, some to change a routine. Regardless of your fitness history, you do not need to know anything. We also encourage new members to schedule an individual movement prep session, where we’ll walk you through common CrossFit movements.

Should I take an intro class?

If you’ve never tried CrossFit before (or if it’s been.a while), we encourage you to schedule an intro class with a coach.  We’ve found this prevents people from being overwhelmed during their initial class and alleviates concerns about injury, etc. 

Do I need to have a reservation or just show up?

Yes, you need to reserve your space in class. This is simple – just fill in your name on the schedule before you arrive. It would be good to know you are coming for your first class or as a drop-in so we can properly welcome you.

What type of equipment/things should I bring?

We suggest comfortable workout clothes. Guys usually wear gym shorts that tie or have good elastic, a t-shirt and sneakers. Our ladies wear the same or maybe tights. You will get hot and sweaty! That we can promise. 

Bring some water and maybe a dry t-shirt for when you are finished. We also have drinks for purchase if you forget one. 

As you get accustomed to the routine you may want some lifting shoes, a weight belt, wrist wraps or grips. However, some of our long time members don’t use anything fancy.

What If i know nothing about working out?

That’s perfect! Your membership fee goes toward expert coaching every class. We will walk with you from start to finish.

We also offer a 1:1 movement prep class for folks who are new to CrossFit – this is available to every new member, regardless of your workout history! To get scheduled, call or email us and we’ll get you set up.


What is an AMRAP or EMOM?

These are different types of CrossFit workouts.

AMRAP= As Many Reps/Rounds as Possible. These will typically have a time domain you are working in. An example would be 10push-ups and 5 wall balls AMRAP for 10min. You would repeat the couplet as many times as possible during the 10 minute time frame.

EMOM= Every Minute on the Minute. This also usually happens for a set length of time and has a set amount of movements/work to be completed. For instance; 10 Jump rope, 3 air squats, 1 deadlift EMOM for 10min.


What should I bring to class?

We suggest comfortable workout clothes. Guys usually wear gym shorts that tie or have good elastic, a t-shirt and sneakers. Our ladies wear the same or maybe tights. You will get hot and sweaty!  Bring some water and maybe a dry t-shirt for when you are finished. We also have drinks for purchase if you forget one. 

How big are classes?

Our classes vary from 5-15 depending on the time of day. On the weekends they can be bigger… We work diligently to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

More Common Questions

What if I cant do the workout or movements?

Don’t worry, we will teach you. That’s the perk of your membership – you get an expert coach at each class! For example, if you can’t do a pull-up, don’t skip the class. We are going to show you how to modify the movements to meet your skill/strength level for every class. 

If you want a bit more assistance with CrossFit movements, we have coaches available for 1:1 movement prep courses. We can get you scheduled at no additional cost! This often helps people feel more comfortable trying new movements.


Are people supportive?

Absolutely. CrossFit is so much more than a workout. It is a community and environment that supports friendship and camaraderie. To understand the support, you have to experience a class with us!

Can I get one-on-one training?

Yes! We do offer private indivual sessions each week for an additional cost. Please give us a ring for more information. 

What type of discounts are there?

We offer a sliding scale based on income – we may ask for a bit more information to ensure you qualify for this. We believe that fitness can change lives and want to remove barriers for those who may be struggling financially. 

What is Open Gym?

Open Gym is a designated time to come and do your own thing. Often people will catch up on a workout from earlier in the week, work on some skills or do some lifting. Please note: you can do this during any open hours however, the class has the right-of-way.

Are showers or towels available?

We have private bathrooms, but do not have a shower at this time. 

How is a class run?

Every class starts with the Coach going over the plan for the day and explaining the movements. The Coach then leads a warm-up, stretch, more movement review then walks the class through the workout. After the workout there is a cool down and debrief if necessary. Each class is 1 hr start to finish.

Can I do my own workouts?

Sure. Open Gym is a perfect time to do this.

Is HIIT safe?

Yes. CrossFit is based in Mechanics, Consistency and Intensity. First and foremost are the Mechanics; once you get the movements down then we will build Consistency and eventually turn up the Intensity. We encourage our members to listen to their bodies – you are an expert at what you’re experiencing. Injuries can be avoided with good form and strong coaching!

What about nutrition?

We have Nutrition consultation daily. Just ask any of our coaches for info and some basic guidance on what you should or should not be eating. As a rule of thumb a diet should be made up of: meats, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.


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