To Our Saltwater Team & Supportive Community,

After an amazing 11 months in our humble little CrossFit box, we are finally moving!

Please bear with us over the next week as you will see major pieces of equipment disappear into the night. As the week moves along, we will be managing a fast transition to the new space, but we will still be providing you with excellent workouts. Thank you for being patient throughout this final push – we promise the new space is worth it!

At the VERY LATEST, we will be closing on Saturday, May 22 – this is NOT CONFIRMED. It could be a day or two sooner. We just want to prepare you for an abrupt shut down. We need to do this so that we can move the flooring over.

As of now, the ski machines will leave Monday, boxes & med balls will leave Tuesday, Assault Bikes & Rowers will disappear Wednesday, the Rig will be out Thursday along with the C2 bikes… dumbbells will leave Friday and we will move everything else on Saturday. **PLEASE NOTE** this may change if we move sooner than 5/22.

Thank you so much for understanding that this week will be a transition period for us. We want to settle in at the new space at quickly & seamlessly as possible so that your workouts see minimal disruptions.

Our new address is 6 Chestnut Ave, Unit 10, Somers Point, NJ 08244. For reference, Chestnut Ave is the small road that runs between the Somers Point Lumberyard and the Self Storage place (just next to the entrance to the Parkway South). You will turn onto Chestnut ave, drive to the end of the street and turn left – you’ll see a sign for Saltwater Athletics on your left hand side. We’ll post a video to our instagram and website in the next few days so you know exactly what we’re talking about, but it’s not complicated, we promise!